• Septic System repair and Drainfield repair without excavation, or installing a new Drainfield, leach line, or septic system.

  • Septic System Replacement Costs $6,000 (on average in Oregon) .Our Septic Restoration, and Drainfield Repair Service Save You Thousands of Dollars.

  • We Offer Up To a 5 Year Warranty, Excavators DO NOT Offer Any Guarantee.

We have the technology to repair septic systems typically in one day without digging or replacing the drainfield! Saving you thousands of dollars through our patented aeration system The Terralift. We also offer rooter and jetting services, and our popular line of waste degrading bacteria for septic tanks.  No more septic problems!
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"My wife and I started Drainfield Restoration, and Peak Performance in 1991. Now, decades later, the business has evolved, giving us the ability to donate more, contribute to the community, help Central Oregon's local economy, and save people thousands of dollars by restoring their drainfields rather than replacing them. We have been blessed beyond belief with a beautiful family, a business I love, and the opportunity to live in the most amazing area, Central Oregon."

-President, Dave Estopare

Drainfield Restoration Services, inc. was established in the early 90's in Central Oregon, (operating as Peak Performance)  We are a local, family owned business.

We restore failed  septic systems, and  drainfield leach lines, without replacing the septic system or drainfield leach lines. We use safe, quick, efficient, non-invasive to your landscape, state-of-the-art, septic & Drainfield Restoration techniques.

Our Drainfield Restoration process includes Terralift, Rooter, Jetting, and Septic Tank Additives
(BioSpan). Drainfield Restoration Also Has The Highest Powered Septic Jetter in Central Oregon.
The Trademark "Drainfield Restoration" is the property of Drainfield Restoration Services, inc.
Drainfield Restoration is currently The ONLY Factory Authorized, and Officially Trained Terralift Operator In Oregon.
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How We Restore Drainfields & Septic Systems (Terralift Demo)
Choose Restoration. Not Excavation.
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Drainfield Restoration  Services, Inc.

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The Trademark "Drainfield Restoration" is the property of Drainfield Restoration Services, inc.